The Glossies: Sharleen Dziire – Elle South Africa January 2013

It’s true, in my ‘Happy Holidays’ post, I said, “See you next week.” But how was I supposed to know that a wonderful jolt of style, colors and South Africa in the form of Sharleen Dziire would scroll across my screen?!

Beautiful imagery, eye-catching garments and unique editorials pull at my fashion heart strings EVERY time. Me not sharing this amazing editorial with you would be torture; seriously, it would haunt me, so I had to post it.

Jozi Maboneng is a celebration of South African fashion, featuring designs from some of the continents premiere South African designers: Loin Cloth and Ashes, Taibo Bacar, Ituen Basi, Gavin Rajah, Deola Sagoe, Marianne Fassler and more! Beautiful and informative, this editorial opened my fashion eye to new designers on a continent that I’d like to visit in 2013. It was a pleasure finding out about their different collections and viewing their creations. Enjoy!











Stunning! Sharleen’s glowing skin and gazelle legs were the perfect canvas for all of those garments. The backdrop was perfect for summoning the Jozi Maboneng story. Kudos Elle South Africa!

What was your favorite shot?

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4 Responses to “The Glossies: Sharleen Dziire – Elle South Africa January 2013”

  1. Ijeoma says:

    These photos and the styling are amazing! I love them all. African fashion is beautiful.

  2. Nomanqoba says:

    Its Beautiful Sereeda, you should come visit us down here you will be in awe. Drop a mail should you come Jozi is my hometown <3

    • Sereeda says:

      I believe it Nomanqoba. It’s on my bucket list, would love to be there when it’s warm, hit the beach. I will keep your email for my visit (claiming it!) Thanks for stopping by.

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