Bring It Back – Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweaters


Do you remember the Polo Bear Sweaters? Something about that little bear dressed in human clothes fascinated me and I had to have one, my parents took one look at that price tag and hit me with the N-O. Devastated and upset, my feelings were crushed. Why couldn’t I get the sweater? Ha! It was as if I thought wanting something of that magnitude wasn’t outlandish.

To my surprise and hopefully a happy announcement to my purse; Ralph Lauren has decided to bring those sweaters back! That’s right, that iconic bear sweater, first seen in 1991…


designed after a gift presented to Mr. Lauren (shown above) is coming back, this time with our help. We get to vote on the bear sweater that we want brought back. The Bring It Back program is “a specially curated list of iconic products from our past collections from which you can help choose the ones we bring back into production.”

Right now 4 Polo Bears are up for the coveted come back; 2 girls and 2 boys…

Current Bears Up For Vote

Current Bears Up For Vote

I voted. Will you? Even if my vote isn’t chosen, I’d love to get my hands on one. I wonder how much they will be.

Photo Source: RL Vintage

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