20 Plus Swimsuits for Every Body Type

Summer has arrived, which means bring on the vacation or in some cases staycation. A lot of us gravitate towards a beach, pool or some form of water that involves us getting wet. Often times we shy away from water activities because we don’t feel comfortable or haven’t found that suck-it-in and lift-the-girls-up swimsuit that we love. Don’t fret! I reached out to Lila Nikole for some swimsuit help, asked you via Twitter and Facebook what you looked for in a swimsuit and put my swimwear style sleuth skills to work; bringing you 20 + swimwear options and cover ups to make you poolside and beach ready! Enough small talk, right? Let’s get into the most common body types and the best swimsuit options for each one. Psst, I’ll also include “Where To Purchase” links at the end of this post *wink*.


The “Straight” body type, also called the “Boyish” figure. Women and or girls that have small or minimal breast development or little to no hip definiton are placed in this field. The key to looking great in a swimsuit with this build is creating an illusion. You have to gravitate towards suits that will lend you the curves that you lack. In most cases, monokinis, suits with ruffles or fringe and/or padded top one-piece or bikini suits look fantastic on you. Check out these cute, vibrant and cool options below.

Lila Nikole - Kanza

Vix - Positano

Lila Nikole - Cheyenne

Vix - Atlantis

Sunflair - Modern Arts

And my personal favorite for this body type…

Becca - Get Together

Next up is the “Pear” body type.


The “Pear” body type can be identified by the small top, large bottom silhouette. A woman and or girl with this frame usually has a hard time wearing jumpsuits or any type of one piece item because of the distinct size variation between the top portion and lower portion of her body. The key to looking great with this build is once again, creating an illusion! Gravitate towards swimsuits that give the appearance of more up top and minimize (if you desire to) and or balance out the bottom half. Stay away from the monokini styles that have cut outs mainly in the hip area, it just draws more attention to that area (like a magnifying glass). Check out these suits that are perfect for the pear!

Lila Nikole - Nantego

Gottex - Lotus

Spanx - Whittle Waistline

A. Che - Into The Wild

Insight - The Dream Lover

And my personal favorite for this body type…

diNeila Brazil - Soleil

Next up is the “Curvy” body type.


The “Curvy” body type can be identified by the smaller mid-section. A woman and or girl with this frame usually has curves up top as well as on the bottom portion of her body, while her middle area is noticeably smaller. A lot of people refer to this silhouette as an “Hourglass” build. This is similar to my body type, personally I don’t feel comfortable in bandeau styles unless underwire is in the molding (my boobs tend to sag without a little support), so I usually go for sliding triangle top bikinis (you can make your own adjustments). Check out these options I hunted down for those of us on the curve.

Lila Nikole - Cut It Out

diNeila - Lizard Twist

Vix - Bia Logo (Superb Fit)

Maryan Mehlhorn - Romance

L Space - Graphicana Le Chic

And my personal favorite for this body type…

Ondademar - Tunisia

Next up is the “Athletic” body type.


The “Athletic” body type can be identified by the broad shoulders and smaller bottom. This frame looks very similar to a capital “T” for lack of a better description. You know what I’m going to say right? Illusion, this time we want to round off the top portion and make the bottom half appear to be more balanced with the top.

Lila Nikole - Apache

Karla Colletto - Chunky Chain

Vitamin A 24K Knockout

Diva - Sophia Loren Shiraz

L Space - Tesserae Fabulous

And my personal favorite for this body type…

Ondademar - Carnaval

Those are the most common body types, however there are a few of us that have specific target areas that we want to tackle when it comes to swimwear. Most of my readers from Facebook spoke of masking the tummy area and supporting the girls. Face it, not everyone has rock hard, chiseled abs of steel or small boobs! I looked around and found some great little suits to glamouflage and support those areas without looking like you’re wearing 50’s swimwear. Check ‘em out and let me know what you think.

Ondade Mar - Bloom

Gottex - Let's Twist

Diva - Twiggy Thrill

Vitamin A - Gold Noir Bel Air Retro Maillot

Gottex - Katalist Surplice

And my personal favorite to mask and support those problem areas…

Becca ETC - Blossoms Reversible Tankini

Can’t forget about cover ups! Take inspiration from these silhouettes.

There you have it! Whether you’re Straight, Pear, Curvy, Athletic or suffer from those problem areas; you should have some great ideas of what to look for when you go swimsuit shopping! Want to get some of the specific swimsuits shown above? Just follow my “Where To Purchase” guide based on each body type below. Happy Shopping!

Straight: Kanza, Positano, Cheyenne, Atlantis, Modern Arts and Get Together.

Pear: Nantego, Lotus, Whittle Waistline, Into The Wild, The Dream Lover and Soleil.

Curvy: Cut It Out, Lizard Twist, Bia Logo, Romance, Graphicana Le Chic and Tunisia.

Athletic: Apache, Chunky Chain, 24K Knockout Maillot, Sophia Loren Shiraz, Tesserae Fabulous and Carnaval.

Glamouflage and Support: Bloom, Let’s Twist, Twiggy Thrill, Noir Bel Air Retro Maillot, Katalist and Blossoms Reversible Tankini.

xx Sereeda

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